Arc of Hope promotes K-7 Education by paying teacher salaries. This allows the school to provide students a high quality education through actions such as hiring the top teachers and providing student housing on campus. Currently, the school operates at a deficit, spending more than the tuition costs covers. Our current role, is to close this gap, in order to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students. Arc of hope is building a sustainable school model that Saint Joan of Arc Uganda will be able to maintain but unfortunately the pandemic has drastically affected the local economy and the students’ parents ability to pay for an education.

During this time, we are pausing our mission for the school to become self sustainable, which means the cost of tuition will fully cover operating expenses. Our priority is that current students are able to continue their education even during these difficult times, but Arc of Hope continues to map out a sustainable business model that can be implemented when the area’s economy improves.

Your donations make it possible for Arc of Hope to provide this funding and maintain operations while the school continues on its path to self sustainability.