Our Vision

St Joan of Arc School’s mission is to create opportunities for prosperity through self-sufficiency. “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”


St. Joan of Arc Uganda: Changing Lives Through Education!

St. Joan of Arc Uganda, located in the remote village of Mawuuki, Uganda, typically serves more than 600 students in kindergarten – 7th grade and is ranked in the top 3% of schools in the country. The mission: Changing lives through education!

The school was the dream of Fr. Simon Peter Kyambadde. As a doctoral student at Mundelein Seminary near Chicago, he shared his ideas with parishioners at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Evanston, IL. Inspired by his vision, parishioners began providing seed capital that has led to a flourishing school a decade later.

Arc of Hope was created as a nonprofit foundation that raises funds to provide ongoing support for the school. As a volunteer-run organization, Arc of Hope has no overhead. Every dollar donated goes directly to St. Joan of Arc School in Uganda.

In addition to education for students, the presence of the school has become an engine for development within the surrounding community, helping the remote area to become self-supporting by creating a sustainable base of agriculture that feeds students and staff at the school.

This year, the coronavirus has challenged the hard-won progress of this transformational school. The government has closed schools throughout Uganda indefinitely, creating a deficit for SJA Uganda as it strives to continue to support its teachers, and maintain its facilities in the absence of tuition income.

A recent email from Fr. Simon Peter tells the story: “A lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty is in the air.  With many jobs lost, businesses gone, survival is very difficult. People with big families, the elderly, the real poor, the urban poor, wage earners, the sick are having a horrid time.”

Every dollar makes a significant impact for this amazing school. YOUR help is urgently needed this year to keep St. Joan of Arc Uganda GROWING IN HOPE!